Frequently Asked Questions

Screen printing uses a screen and ink. A reverse template or stencil is created on the screen and the ink is “pushed” through the opening onto the fabric. A plastisol ink base is most commonly used for the best effect.

Embroidery uses thread and is stitched directly on to the product. It is best suited for caps, mid- to heavy-weight jackets, outerwear, sweats and polo shirts.  We do not recommend this process for the lighter weight fabrics such as t-shirts and lighter-weight polo shirts for two reasons. First on the lighter garments, it is necessary to use a backing material in order for the thread to adhere properly. This creates an extra piece of material on the inside of the shirt which can have an abrasive feel to the body. Second, if a stitch breaks loose, washing can make the whole image starts to unravel.

Our recommendation is for screen printing over embroidery whenever possible because it is more durable and cost effective.

For larger orders of 48-500 pieces we suggest a 2:4:4:2 ratio per dozen – 2 small, 4 medium, 4 large, 2 extra large. With shorter runs, you generally know who is getting the shirts, so you can order the sizes you need.

Order timeline depend on whether or not you have camera ready art when placing the order.

If your artwork and/or logo is ready and your order is under 500 pieces, production time can be a few days to a week.

If we have to create artwork for you, additional time is required and will depend on time for approval and revision cycles needed. See “What if I need help creating the design” below for more information and pricing on artwork.

Orders larger than 1000 pieces have to be addressed at time of purchase for exact delivery dates.

Yes. Please complete our contact form and let us know.

Yes, pricing is based on quantity – so a larger quantity is less expensive per piece.

We are happy to help you create a design. Our minimum art charge is $15.00 + design/computer time at $50 per hour.

Yes, we can provide corporate accounts. Please contact us to set this up.

We can ship or have orders delivered for additional costs. You can also pick up your order at our location.